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Important Information about the Whizzinator

The whizzinator draws a sense of curiosity and confusion all at the same time. It is an instrument which is not clear on what its real use and purpose are for. Interestingly, the manufacturer is silent on what the application of this device is. In the minds of many, this gadget was created with an ulterior motive of cheating in a drug urine test. There are those who have concluded it is an adults toy and they even go ahead to purchase it and try it on their intimate partner. This article will demystify the importance and uses of a whizzinator.

A whizzinator a look-alike to the manhood of a male person. Interestingly, it can actually pass as male genitalia because it has the ability to function like the real one. To make it more like the real male genitalia, the manufacturer ensured it can be used to pass a short call. The whizzinator has got straps for fastening on the user’s waist. When it is strapped on the waist, the prosthetic is positioned at the center and in the same position that male genitalia would be.

It gets better, the whizzinator manufacturer includes synthetic urine powder with the gadget. When the user of the whizzinator wants to use the synthetic urine they are required to mix it with water and push it into the whizzinator’s valve using a syringe. If the user decides they want to pass out the synthetic urine in the whizzinator system, they release it like a man would do when they take a pee. The most amazing fact about this artificial urine is that it can pass for real urine. It smells, looks, got the same pH and temperature as that of a human. It adapts to the body temperature of the user thus has the same temperature as that of a human. If a sample of the synthetic urine is passed through a laboratory test, it would never be detected to be fake.

In order to prevent leakages and accidental spillage, the whizzinator has got a valve that allows the user to open and close the gadget when releasing urine. The valve button of the latest whizzinator is positioned on the lower side of the artificial genitalia to make it easy to open and close when realizing urine. The user’s selection of the whizzinator model is usually influenced by the position of the valve.

Many people are curious as to why the manufacturer included synthetic urine with the whizzinator. Many believe that the innovators perfected the resemblance of the synthetic urine to that of the human being in order to aid them to lie in a drug urine test. This is usually the point of contention between the protagonist and antagonist of the use of the device. It is important for the antagonist to be advised that in the privacy of their rooms, some love birds include urinating on their sexual partners as foreplay.

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