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Free from Autism with ABA Therapy

For years, Applied Behavior Analysis or simply ABA has been the preferred treatment method among children who have autism spectrum disorder. The beauty with ABA therapy is that, it teaches children to learn and to think and at the same time, to foster good behavior. When doing initial assessments and studies about ABA therapy, there are numerous parents who are turned off by this idea.

This is because they thought their kids are being taught to act like robots and imitate their movements or words. What parents have to understand however is, in treating autism, it undergoes a process and these robotic responses are actually critical in helping a child think independently and critically. One simple way of seeing the true effects of ABA is by studying a foreign language.

So before you start learning how to compose sentences and use grammatical structure correctly, it is a must to practice repeating the new words you learned. When doing it for the first time, it certainly makes you look like a robot in repeating the words and even practicing your intonations however, as you invest more time in it, you will have progress and start to understand the language, develop the ability to use the words and make sentences as well as paragraphs with it.

Studying a new language and doing ABA therapy, both are almost the same actually. Constant repetition of commands and words and understand its meaning step by step is crucial to the brain development of an autistic child. This will soon allow them to think critically, independently and at the same time, understand broader concepts. As the words for sky and water too are repeatable, it will take understanding of both prior to knowing the concept of raining.

As for kids with autism spectrum disorder, having this level of understanding will come from practicing repetition and then, time will come when they’re going to understand it. It’s a fact that there are a lot of parents who are conscious with the teaching methods for ABA but if you’d ask those who’ve experienced and saw it, you’ll realize why it is important.

ABA is designed to help children reach their fullest potential both in the society and classroom. With intensive ABA therapy, there are so many children who were able to develop a normal or at least near normal cognitive functioning. There have been a number of children who got better with this. After all, ABA therapy is focused on assisting kids understand basic commands, concepts and language.

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