Essential Steps Involved in Starting a Cleaning Company

January 15, 2019

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Commercial cleaning businesses can be very profitable and their services are in demand. They make great start-ups because it doesn’t take a fortune to begin a Cleaning Company. However, there are some essential first steps every owner must take before they can begin operating. New owners need to decide on basics like the type of commercial cleaning they offer and a business name. They need a bank account, licenses, and insurance. Owners must also set their rates.

Choose a Company Name and Cleaning Specialty

The first thing a company owner needs to do is determine what kind of buildings they will be cleaning. For example, a business can specialize in small buildings like daycare centers, banks, or convenience stores. Some focus on large structures like schools and skyscrapers. The type of cleaning also determines whether the owner will be hiring staff. Many new businesses consist of a couple who expand their staff over time. Once owners know what they will be cleaning, they need to name their new businesses.

Open a Checking Account and Get Licensed and Insured

New cleaning businesses must open checking accounts. They also need to be licensed. Each state has its own licensing requirements, but it is easy to check online and find the rules for specific states. In many cases, companies can simply file for a DBA (doing business as) license. Commercial cleaners also need to invest in liability insurance. It is easy to get online quotes for insurance. Companies who hire staff members should also have bonds that protect against losses due to employee theft.

Decide on the Company’s Rates

The final step for new cleaning companies is determining their rates. It is a surprisingly easy one. All owners need to do is decide how much they must charge to cover their expenses and still make a profit. To avoid losing money, they must estimate factors like how long jobs will take. However, over time, cleaners get better at that.

There are a few steps involved in beginning a cleaning business. New owners need to choose a cleaning specialty, name their companies, and open bank accounts. They must also be licensed, buy insurance, and decide on the rates they will charge.