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Making Money With Proxies

Proxies have been known for being so great an alternative for you to get browsing the internet while hiding your identity. Proxies actually allow you keep your identity hidden while browsing the internet and as such happen to be great for the need to keep your activities clandestine for the fact that with them you do your transactions on the internet while hiding behind a proxy IP address. When you using a proxy, your identity and privacy are all secured and at the same time protected for the fact that you get the protection from the wall, known as the proxy.

However what many proxy owners fail to know is that they can actually make money with their proxies. This may quite sound a surprise to many a proxy owner but believe it you, there is a chance for you to benefit financially from your proxy if you make wise and proper use of the proxy anyway.

In as much as this may call on you to have some technical knowledge, which is anyway not as hard anyway, with perseverance, hard work and determination, you are sure on your way to reaping monetary benefits from your proxies. Get reading on in this post and see some of the ideas there are for you to get to make money, legally, ethically and in an acceptable manner, from your proxies.

First is the idea of creating a public proxy server with Ads. Take note of the opportunity there is in the fact that proxies are actually used as internet browsers mainly by those who want to browse while hiding their IP addresses and identities. Thus in the event that you own a batch of proxies, you are in a position to make money from these by setting up a public proxy which could be used by anyone and on them have ads from which you will earn from the clicks on the ads and the other activities there are on the ad.

One other idea for you to make money using proxies is by using the SERP, Search Engine Result Page, Tracker for Google Rankings. Looking at the emergence of the SEO technology, Search Engine Optimization, we have seen businesses all across the board seeking to find the next solution that will see them rank top on the result pages on the search engines. You can as such step in this space and help with your batch of proxies to help with the need for keyword position scraping and as such achieve keyword position and rankings which is by far and large such a piece of highly valuable information in the business world so competitive.

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