5 Benefits of Data Acquisition System to Improve The Efficiency

Data Acquisition Systems help you to measure the real-world physical problems such as pressure, force, temperature, current, an electrical signal, etc. These Analog signals are then converted into digital signals with the help of an Analog to Digital Conversion system, also called the ADC system. These digital signals are then analysed for their credibility and hooked up with the software installed in your computer.

What Does a Data Acquisition System Do Internally?

A DAQ system uses sensors which are called transducers, to transform the physical parameters such as temperature, current, pressure, force, etc into Analog electrical signals such as AC/DC currents, AC/DC volts, etc.

In the next step, a DAQ system has in-built circuitries that carry out signal conditioning, i.e., the DAQ system reduces the unwanted noise signals and makes them easier to measure, boost signals and gives them immunity to noise. These circuitries filter out the unwanted noise and attenuate the signals.

Mentioned below are 5 benefits of a DAQ system that can make your job easier and efficient.

  • Faster problem-solving – The DAQ system at Bestech consists of a graphical user interface that leads to quick setup and accurate measurements.
  • Easy Documentation – Our DAQ systems have the capability to export data to MATLAB, Excel, Word, etc, very easily.
  • Flexibility – DAQ system has inbuilt conditioning for many temperature sensors so that you can select the right transducer for the job and not worry about the complexity of the job. DAQ sensors can also measure other types of signals, such as AC/DC currents, voltage, 2/4 wire resistance, frequency, etc.
  • Cost – DAQ systems are capable of measuring 40 channels per module, saving the cost and your need to buy multiple instruments. It is also capable of measuring scan speed of about 250 scans per second, and even more at a very reasonable cost.
  • Multiple Options – At Bestech, we have modules with temperature and resistance options, transducers, shear beam load cell, bending beam load cell and all types of automotive training equipment.