Using a Self Storage Unit to Organize Craft Supplies

February 17, 2019

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Many people love to spend their spare time doing crafts. However, the supplies needed for activities of this type can quickly overwhelm a home. How can a person remove this clutter without giving up the supplies they need and use regularly? Quite a few choose to hold excess items in a self storage unit. How should one go about selecting this unit and organizing the items within the unit to ensure they can be found quickly when needed?

Choosing a Unit

Most individuals find they can make do with a small unit, one that is 5X5 or 5X10. The only exception to this is those people who own a shop or sell their crafts online, as the supplies needed to keep the business in operation may take up more space. Consider the cost of the supplies and evaluate the security of the unit also. Nobody wants to open the storage unit only to learn their die-cutting machine or serger has been stolen. Security features to look for include video surveillance, electronic gates, and on-site personnel around the clock. Climate control should likewise be considered, especially in areas with extreme weather changes. Any temperature fluctuations can damage electronics, yellow paper, or warp wood. Mold and mildew growth are also problems one may have to deal with.

Organizing the Supplies

To ensure the items can be found when they are needed, they must be prepared for storage. Consider using large plastic totes, as this makes it easy to determine the contents of each container. Furthermore, try to keep like items together in these totes and label them accordingly. Make an inventory of the contents of each container and also map the interior of the unit to know where each container has been placed. While this does take time, it will be worth it when you go to retrieve something and don’t have to search for it.

Use these simple tips to get the most benefit from the storage unit. You’ll be able to enjoy your hobby more fully, as you won’t be overwhelmed by clutter, and there will be more space in the home. Individuals who choose this option find they come to truly love having the extra storage space.