Understanding What Is Involved in a Lift Installation

January 14, 2019

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Having a lift installed in a home can bring welcome relief for those who have mobility concerns. Lifts are safer than taking the stairs and allow individuals quick access to all levels of their home. Knowing what to expect from a home lift installation in Singapore will allow homeowners to be properly prepared for the process.

What Is Involved in the Installation?

The first step in the installation process involves the technicians coming out to the home so they can survey the area and find the best place for the installment of the new lift. The lift only takes up the space of a wardrobe so it can be installed in smaller spaces than most people realize.

Once the installation area has been mapped out, the technicians will inform the homeowners of what will take place during the installation so they can be prepared.

How to Prepare For Installation

The homeowner will need to be home during the entire installation process. Installation involves making an opening through each floor so the lift car will be able to move up and down the tracks that will be installed. This is the only part of the process that will create loud noise and mess, but it typically does not take long.

The assembly of the mechanisms of the lift must be carried out according to exacting specifications so the lift will operate safely and effectively. The lift car will then be carefully assembled so it will be safe for occupants to ride in.

The tracks that carry the lift between floors will need to be installed and then the lift will be installed on the tracks. Before any occupants of the home are allowed to use the lift, the technicians will carry out rigorous testing. The testing ensures the lift is safe to operate and will not cause any risks of injury.

If you are tired of struggling to get up and down the stairs, a lift can provide help. With a professional installation, you can rest assured the lift will be able to provide you with years of reliable service. Call today for your appointment.